Comerica Center | Frisco, TX | September 10th, 2020

2020 Application Deadline - 6/30/2020

Your chance to win a professional hackathon and thousands of dollars in valuable seed services is just a click away. But first, please read over the information below regarding the application requirements and competition.

Requirements for Submission:
  1. Pitch Deck –  a brief presentation that delivers a quick overview of your business plan
  2. Mockups/Wireframes – a visual representation of the framework or user interface for your application
CodeLaunch vs. Other Incubator Events
  1. CodeLaunch is free to apply and to compete
  2. There is no equity surrendered in a contract to win or to earn benefits provided by sponsors and partners
  3. Submitting your concept is made simple with a 4-step application
  4. Applicants execute a mutually binding NDA to protect your concept idea
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