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About CodeLaunch

CodeLaunch is an annual software startup seed accelerator for people and groups with app ideas who are seeking seed funding. The CodeLaunch Pitch Day is the culmination of the competition and a showcasing of the best competitors. If you have an “idea for an app” and nothing more you are qualified to apply. If you have experience in business and passion for entrepreneurism you are likely to advance. CodeLaunch will continue to grow each year and has become an event with widespread interest from the start-up community including Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and other entrepreneurial organizations and leaders.

//Our Selection Process

After the application deadline, our team of software architects and business analysts reviews all of the applications. At this stage, we are determining basic viability and whether our technical skillset can accommodate. Evaluating the business acumen and background of the applicant is also part of the process.

Once we make the first cut, we will then take a deeper look at each of the remaining applications and score them on five to six categories on a 1-to-5 scale. We take that ranking from top to bottom and identify the competitors [and alternates] that we want to meet face-to-face. Once identified, we bring in the applicants to give us their pitch and to undergo a Q&A session. The pitch time limit is 5 minutes followed with 5 minutes of Q&A.

Based on our impression of your pitch and other factors, we will then announce those who we want to have “pitch” at the CodeLaunch event in late summer. We will make the announcements via email, Facebook, and Twitter, with the process taking about two months from deadline to CodeLaunch.


Can I apply to CodeLaunch if I live outside of the United States?

Yes! We accept applications from anywhere in the world! In 2016 alone, almost a quarter of our applicants were international. But note that attending the CodeLaunch Pitch Day event in Frisco, Texas USA is a requirement if chosen as a finalist.

Do startup ideas forfeit equity in order to apply or win CodeLaunch?

No. It costs nothing to apply nor win the event or reap the benefits.

Are travel costs to the CodeLaunch Pitch Day event covered by Code Authority?

Unfortunately, we are not able to help cover travel costs or other expenses related to attending the Pitch Day event.

Who attends the CodeLaunch Pitch Day event?

Aside from our staff and the participants, CodeLaunch Pitch Day is attended by many investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and other start-ups, looking for investment and networking opportunities. Even if your idea doesn't win the grand prize, there are still plenty of opportunities to receive support for your idea at the CodeLaunch Pitch Day event!

Are startups guaranteed their MVP is built by Code Authority?

No. Although we will hand over all work product resulting from our CodeAuthon weekend on the winner’s MVP, we cannot guarantee we will subsequently reach an amicable two party “deal” within which we will contractually build your final MVP. Many factors including time, finances, equity offered, business plan analysis, go-to-market plan strength, and others, can affect our desire and ability to enter into a deal subsequent to the CodeAuthon. Limitations notwithstanding, Code Authority has a strong record of deal making in our CodeLaunch history.